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Client: Rolce Royce | Year: 2019

Client: BirSe | Year: 2019

Client: VMWare | Year: 2019

Client: Paradise Center | Year: 2017

Video & Post-Production

Video is the process of putting emotion in motion. A great percentage of today’s web traffic goes through it and if you’ve ever come across any modern study, you know that video here is to stay. Apart from our cinematic expertise, tied with years of filming, editing and post-production, we have a sound technical background and have completed numerous projects spanning across multiple media channels.

More importantly, we are the classic admirers of a sound video production. A good set, an intelligent casting, scenario, filming and editing – that’s what makes us tick. We can discuss different lenses and camera angles with you for hours. We know that having the right vision takes time and considerable determination, so we’ll be investing both in your project.


Do you accept working with footage that you did not originally shoot?

The perfect end product requires meticulous pre-planning and conception of the video – its idea, footage and shooting technique. That’s the reason for us preferring NOT to work with external content. We plan, shoot and produce the final product.

What type of video do you shoot?

We undertake all kinds of engagements, often by creating corporate video clips (video business cards), events, hotels, private parties, clubs, buildings, architectural projects during construction, portfolio, conference conferences, and more.

What is the equipment that you are using?

We trust RED, Alexa, Blackmagic, Canon, Sony and upgrade our equipment with the latest models available, every year.

What are your competitive advantages over other video production companies?

We only make commitments that we are sure we can fulfill. We work in fast and organized way, paying equal attention to each of our clients. Highest quality is our top priority, so we constantly invest in modern, state-of-the-art technology upgrades, while obtaining industry knowledge and sending our teams to regular “workshop” seminars abroad. We want to be as close as possible to world trends and techniques and while working with us, you will surely get that feel.

How long does it take to capture the footage?

Depending on the complexity, processes and resources, the accompanying details and the wishes of our customers, the duration can take anywhere from 30 minutes. a few days, or even weeks.

How long does video editing take?

We have a team of professionals who work extremely fast and use the right tools, presets, software and hardware. Hence, most of our projects will be ready within 24 hours.

How long does post-production take?

Reporting and conferences rarely require additional color processing. When filming an ad campaign and other types of specific projects, post-production time depends on the length of each video, but does not take longer than 3 days.

Where do you send the work for a preview

We have our own “hidden” YouTube channel through which we send our video to our clients. We tend not to lose precious time with personal meetings, portable devices, transfers, etc. The output files themselves are uploaded on our own production server. If necessary, we can provide a Gigabit Ethernet connection upload.

How many adjustments and edits can I require?

We allow up to 2-3 edits. Each subsequent is paid at 50EUR. Depending on our current workload the price may double.

How long does it take for these edits to be applied?

Depending on the number of edits/corrections and their complexity, each edit is made on the same business day.

Where do you upload the final video product?

The final version is uploaded on our own production servers and can be downloaded from anywhere.

What are the output files? 4K, Full HD?

Output file resolution can be 4K / FullHD / HD or other.